social week

To sensitize the students of the Academy for a series of social causes that require their civic participation and appeal to the values of solidarity, social responsibility, ethics and humanism.

1º dezembro

The 1st of December is the symbol of Portugal independence in 1640 after 60 years of rule by King Filipe from Spain. The story tells us that, the students in Braga (College of St. Paul) were the first to welcome the King, leaving the street in order to celebrate the restoration of independence. They started a tradition that is celebrated every year remaining it alive.

dias culturais

The Department of Culture and Academic Traditions of AAUM prepared for all the students of the University of Minho a week full of cultural activities, composed by various workshops, contests,  and visits to museums.


abstract sports

FADU visual identity published on BrandNew

“Established in 1990, FADU (Federação Académica do Desporto Universitário, Academic Federation of University Sports in English) is an organization in Portugal focused on sports as a tool of educational development. It acts like a less carnivorous version of the NCAA by organizing events and enabling communication between higher education students, almost 7,000 of them, across all possible sports from soccer to basketball to chess to bridge among 25 total activities. A new identity has been created by Braga, Portugal-based Gen Design Studio.”

a bakery in the midst of a recession

“GEN DESIGN STUDIO was approached by family-owned bakery Confeitaria Lopes to create affordable continuity between their baked goods packaging. Being a bakery in the midst of a recession the designers were asked in particular to make the packaging reproducible on a budget. From the design and execution to the packaging it’s hard to believe the designers worked with the word “budget”. The packaging is built purely from a line of labels that are meant to wrap around the current containers for the baked goods. Elegant and minimal these labels do more than the trick.”



“O passo dado pela FADU é gigantesco e apraz-nos ver que no nosso país se fazem bons trabalhos por empresas de cá para empresas de cá. Temos que saber olhar para o que se faz bem no nosso país ainda mais numa altura exigente como esta em que o descrédito para com ele é um sério factor de desmotivação. A FADU está de parabéns por reconhecer qualidade e a Gen por gerá-la.”