the creation of the freshman

AAUM prepared the freshman reception party with the theme “The Creation of the Freshman”, an activity full of symbolism for new students where culture is combined with a unique party tradition.


make yourself at home

AAUM organizes the Freshmen Welcoming between 10 and 21 September 2012. The first week is dedicated to supporting enrollment and the second week to integration activities.

The motto is “Make Yourself at Home”. The plan of a house in shape of Europe, using the 12 stars of the EU flag alludes to the fact that UMinho University is one of two cities as European Capitals in 2012 – Braga is the European Youth Capital, Guimarães is the European Capital of Culture.

Billboard Acolhimento, student's welcoming week at the University of Minho in Portugal, designed by Gen Design Studio.

concept sketch for poster acolhimento, student's welcoming week at the University of Minho in Portugal. Designed by Gen Design Studio.

Poster Acolhimento, student's welcoming week at the University of Minho in Portugal, designed by Gen Design Studio.
Campaign concept sketch


bramolde II

Bramolde – door technology from Gen on VimeoMusic: Embers and Ashes by Anenon

After Bramolde Tecnologias motion graphics, Gen has been working in a new sequence which intends to show the manufacturing process of aluminum door panels. The products lines are fully produced internally and has diversified to conquer new markets.

Since 2006, Gen has been present through the various departments building their visual communication. Gradually, with the Bramolde corporate image, then a complex product catalogs development, advertising, exhibition design, website, motion graphics, and others.
Currently a corporate image extension to a telephone answering unit, with an audio project dedicated to its market.

We’re proud to say that the Gen–Bramolde relationship has aroused a real sense of corporate image, in the company administration, either by a continuing concern to understand how the organization is seen by the public, either by a self conscience which sees the current market scenario as sensitive to the objective information and the ability to express their competitiveness.


university fashion

The University Fashion is a fashion show organised AAUM, in which all students of the University of Minho can participate.


social week

The human figures illustrate the “we are all in the same boat” saying that implies “rowing” in the same direction towards a common future – poster for Semana Social at the University of Minho.


for dummies

Do you like photography but you have no idea how it works? Here’s your chance to learn it! – “Photography for Dummies” poster, AAUM




The CallMeeting is a ContactCenter outsourcing product, and aims to stimulate business between enterprises. A client buys a package of 30 guaranteed meetings, previously scheduled by phone.The campaign presents itself as a “fishing” moment with a folded sheet calendar turned into a fish.

More at Behance

in business, like in sport

Ebook brochure to promote the company's services.

Confact BPO is dedicated to outsourcing with a strong focus in conferring accounting documents. We tried to associate their image to a winning and competitive team, with sportive photos.

More on Behance

enterro da gata 2012

Enterro da Gata is an academic festivity in the city of braga. It's iconic symbol is a cat. Nowadays it’s organized by AAUM, and is celebrated every year.

The poster usually brings a student life reflection / boost message, to keep fighting and carry on.

During this event, (for about one week), there are several activities. The most expected, are the music concerts, with several national / international bands and djs.

This year the cat looks like a shoe. It’s a metaphor for the Cinderella’s story, matching the chosen theme. Its also an approach to the “não faças de mim gato sapato” a popular expression that says – “Don't make me a fool”.

Revista Gata 2012


hiiibrand awards 2011

hiiibrand awards 2011 announces winners here
Professional Logo, Merit Award: Gen Design Studio (Portugal), “FADU”

See the project on Behance



The prom: The Sameiro’s Sanctuary in Braga, Portugal is where the final year students, traditionally celebrate the academic life dismissal.


tuesdays singing night

On this 8th of May, it’s the traditional Students Night Parade, where the Tunas go out to the streets, serenading all who put the students black capes on the windows.


nissia kamares new logo

Last year Gen redesigned the logo for the Hotel - Apartments Nissia Kamares. This is a very typical and familiar place near the beach at Kos Island, Greece. It's surrounded by a very quiet setting and an untouched landscape.

The brief indicated the use of the mermaid as in the previous logo . The type was designed to the last detail in order to reflect a light and relaxed image, far away from the idea of a snobby or elitist hotel.

Kos, Greece 2011

Logo Redesign

The previous logo


3r folded

Fold-out brochure for 3R

3R is a company dedicated to the restoration and monitoring of construction works, specialized in the exploitation of energy resources and environmental awareness. It works regularly with various architectural offices and this brochure aims to achieve this public service using a simple, economical (duotone) and very objective layout. more on Behance.

Layout / Infographics / Copywriting.

3R foldout brochure by Gen Design Studio renewable energy systems

3R foldout brochure by Gen Design Studio renewable energy systems inforgraphic

3R foldout brochure by Gen Design Studio renewable energy systems fold uncoated paper duotone

3R website by Gen Design Studio renewable energy systems



The AAUM promotes once again, the Umplugged and Djs at UM contests.

This year we tried to make one poster only for these two events inspired by the Escher drawings. Each event has its proper information only by flipping the poster.


entrepreneurship week discussing health

Themed Weeks of Entrepreneurship – STE (Semanas Temáticas de Empreendedorismo) starts on March 27 under the theme “Health”.



connecting the dots

Gen at Connecting the Dots project, official project of the European Youth Capital, Braga 2012, in full coordination with the Academic Association of the University of Minho.

UP to win

The University of Porto opened yesterday, March 23, the new Sports Pavilion Luis Falcão.

The solemn occasion was attended by the University of Porto’s Rector José Carlos Marques dos Santos. Gen designed the wall graphic and the exterior signage.