AAUM prepared the freshman reception party with the theme "The Creation of the Freshman," an activity full of symbolism for new students where culture is combined with a unique party tradition.


Make yourself at home

AAUM organizes the Freshmen Welcome between 10 and 21 September 2012. The first week is dedicated to supporting enrollment and the second week to integration activities.
The motto is "Make Yourself at Home"
The plan of a house in the shape of Europe, using the 12 stars of the EU flag alludes to the fact that UMinho University is between two cities as European Capitals in 2012 - Braga is the European Youth Capital, Guimarães is the European Capital of Culture.

Campaign concept presentation


Bramolde II

Bramolde - door technology from gen on Vimeo.

After BramoldeTecnologias motiongraphics , Gen has been working in a new sequence which intends to show the manufacturing process of aluminum door panels.
The products lines are fully produced internally and has diversified to conquer new markets.

Since 2006, Gen has been present through the various departments building their visual communication. Gradually, with the Bramolde Corporate Image, then a complex product catalogs development, advertising, exhibition design, website, motiongraphics ...
Currently… a Corporate Image extension to a telephone answering unit, with an audio project dedicated to its market.

We can say that the Gen / Bramolde relationship has aroused a real sense of Corporate Image, in the company administration, either by a continuing concern to understand how the organization is seen by the public, either by a self conscience which sees the current market scenario as sensitive to the objective information and the ability to express their competitiveness.

Embers and Ashes by Anenon


University Fashion

The University Fashion is a fashion show organized by AAUM, in which all students of the University of Minho can participate!


fadu branding served

FADU identity was just featured on brandingserved.com.


social week

The human figures illustrate the "we are all in the same boat" saying that implies rowing in the same direction towards a common future.

for dummies

Photography for Dummies

Do you like Photography but you can't understand it ? Here it's your chance to learn!


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