entrepreneurship week discussing health

Themed Weeks of Entrepreneurship – STE (Semanas Temáticas de Empreendedorismo) starts on March 27 under the theme “Health”.



connecting the dots

Gen at Connecting the Dots project, official project of the European Youth Capital, Braga 2012, in full coordination with the Academic Association of the University of Minho.

UP to win

The University of Porto opened yesterday, March 23, the new Sports Pavilion Luis Falcão.

The solemn occasion was attended by the University of Porto’s Rector José Carlos Marques dos Santos. Gen designed the wall graphic and the exterior signage.



The Entrepreneurship Thematic Weeks / STE (Semanas Temáticas de Empreendedorismo).

STE teaser poster


break the lCNUimits

CNU – Campeonatos Nacionais Universitários 2012, Braga/Guimarães.

On 14–22 of April, Braga and Guimarães receive one of the largest multisport event, with the participation of nearly 2,500 athletes.

CNU-Break-the limits-Gen-Desing-Studio-sport-sillhouette


ode to mitch buchannon

“Cat on the Beach” (Gata na Praia) is a sport initiative carried out for several years now. It is a much welcomed and dear event to all the students in the University of Minho, who seem to easily participate in this privileged moment of fun, amusement and acquaintanceship. It’s an activity that moves, in general, about 500 students from Minho to Algarve (South of Portugal), becoming one of the most successful events.