open ground to those who come

Revista UMinho is a yearly publication issued for the anniversary of the University of Minho. This year’s edition (2017) was created under the theme ‘Chão aberto a quem chegar’ (‘Open Ground to Those Who Come’) — a verse from the lyrics of the University’s hymn.

We were challenged to find means to represent through the look and feel of the piece the openness of the institution — the eagerness and flexibility to meet any expectations of the newcomers.

What if there was a door, one that never closes?

We designed the magazine with a cut through — a square shaped aperture in the middle of the piece, which carries throughout each and every page. The negative space is an integral element of the object. It takes an active part in interaction with the booklet, too.

The matt paper we chose for the cover of a warm grey shade, and texture of fine sand (Andina Grey from Curious Matter collection). It resembles the architectural structures of the university, while the warm red clay colour (used inside) symbolises the people.

The special transparent bookmark features additional information about the anniversary, and when in place it reveals the UMinho logo inside the opening.

UMinho anniversary magazine by gen design studio

magazine-gen design studio-cover-layout-paper-grey-orange-open

magazine-gen design studio-cover-layout-paper-grey-orange-open

magazine-gen design studio-cover-layout-paper-grey-orange-open

magazine-gen design studio-cover-layout-paper-grey-orange-open

magazine-gen design studio-cover-layout-paper-grey-orange-open

magazine-gen design studio-cover-layout-paper-grey-orange-open

magazine-gen design studio-cover-layout-paper-grey-orange-open

magazine-gen design studio-cover-layout-paper-grey-orange-open

magazine-gen design studio-cover-layout-paper-grey-orange-open

magazine-gen design studio-cover-layout-paper-grey-orange-open

magazine-gen design studio-cover-layout-paper-grey-orange-open


the mentor and the protégé

Mentorship is key to career success. Alumni UMinho recognising this value created two mentoring programs for the students of the University of Minho. ‘Tutorias por Pares’ joins a freshman and a second-year student where the latter is to help the young one best integrate into the academic environment. Program ‘Mentorias UMinho’ pairs a last-year student with an alumnus to give the future graduate the best shot at a successful career kick-off.


For the promotional campaign, we’ve come up with the tree/root metaphor to visualise the relation created in the program. It represents the way the parts above and below the ground differ in nature, have specific roles, but depend on each other and together are one organism.
The root is what grounds the plant body, gives it support, gathers and stores the water and nutrients, and because it lives underground, it’s invisible to us — almost like a mentor who is the support to the growing protégé. The crown is the vital, green part assimilating solar energy and CO₂ — the visibly growing section, the protégé.
Except that in the poster the root is also a tree, but an older one. It suggests that the mentor–protégé relationship is a symbiosis where both parts gain and grow as a result.

The composition consisting of two fields of contrasting colour that complete each other enforces the message. The typography is arranged in the form of a frame, which directs the attention into the centre — the relationship.

The brochure’s custom cut further explores the concept of two individual parts, where the message underneath each part of the ‘window’ is directed to either mentor (bottom) or protégé (top).






101 solutions

As a finance consultancy agency, 101 Soluções needed an image that could project professionalism and trust but also dedication and openness, since the brand works closely with each client advising them on finance and insurance.

The result is a puzzle-shaped logo, that works as a visual metaphor for the capacity of fitting the best solution to any given problem, thus alluding to the service’s personalization. The ‘0’ and the ‘O’ unite in one only character to represent the singular solution tailored to client’s needs – that little extra.

The colour palette uses a warm orange with a dark grey, combining elements such as positivity and balance, dynamism and elegance, energy and neutrality, creating a cohesive yet bold image.










the games

The competition, organised by the CDUP – Centro de Desporto da Universidade do Porto (University of Porto’s Sport Centre), aims to encourage the U.Porto students to join teams and participate in the National University Championships. The main objective of U.Porto Games is to provide all students with competitive, leisure and socialising moments during the competition.

Sport is essential to education and, as each field of study has its own distinctive characteristics, so does each sport discipline. Following that idea, we decided to focus on the wide range of sport activities practiced by the students and the uniqueness of each. The challenge was to find a way to represent it in the event identity.

We used simplified illustrations of sport equipment weaving in and out of large, brightly coloured type. The representation of movement associated with each action infuses the composition with dynamics and playfulness. The same aesthetic is reproduced for every edition of the event altering only the main colour (which is always paired with the CDUP green) and the set of sport symbols.






travel invitation

Daniela and Rui (Gen’s very own) wished to invite their family and friends to celebrate the life-long journey that they are about to set off on.

Na vida, o importante não é onde vais, mas com quem viajas.*

— the motto on sleeve cover sets the tone for the wedding invitation in form of a travel ticket. The design mimics the traditional format of a plane ticket featuring all the necessary information regarding the event; with passenger’s receipt as a tear-off stub, and a QR Code, which can add the event to your calendar app.

Going with only a single turquoise Pantone colour (in various opacities) and nice cotton paper was a cost-based decision, where the copper foil finishing was set to be the simple enhancement, which elevates the piece to the level suitable for this grand occasion.

We’ve managed to achieve a fresh and modern look with a touch of proper richness and elegance.


The “travel invitation” was featured on FPO (for print only), a division of UnderConsideration. Thanks, we’re honoured!

*“In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with.” The quote originally in English by Charles M. Schulz, the author of Peanuts – the popular comic strip.







start with facts

Libratum is an online publication aiming to become an analytical and neutral source of information about technology, science, and nature, presenting facts in an easy to understand manner, and providing tools for the reader to form his own opinion.

The logo revolves around a clever swap of characters “a” to “α” (alpha – a character of the Greek alphabet from which derived Latin “A”). The use of letter alpha in the logotype symbolises the beginning, the source of science-based factual knowledge – an extremely simple, relevant and iconic solution.
Modern and friendly character of the chosen typeface, as well as the name set in lowercase evoke more accessible character. All topped off with a smart and sober blue with noble golden accent helping to enhance the rational character of the publication.







The concept for U.Porto’s Holiday Sports Camp turns children’s activities into playful illustrations that breathe energy and enthusiasm. These illustrations draw inspiration from each of the event’s related symbols such as ice creams, for the Summer; stars for Christmas; and eggs for Easter.

The posters sets up the tone for future communication supports by using simplified silhouettes and themed motifs that can be used across all necessary materials.

Each poster uses a themed colour palette, which relates to its event thus creating a specific mood and recognition, without losing cohesiveness.







the principles

The Principles of Design and Development, minimal poster series that we designed for our partners at Tekzenit to be a part of the brand new office’s interior design. Simplistic approach reduces the form to the minimum necessary bringing the posters closer to Geometric Abstraction paintings; being the large-scale colour accent in the clean and bright office interior.

Principles-of Design-poster-Gen-Design-Studio