The CallMeeting is a ContactCenter outsourcing product, and aims to stimulate business between enterprises. A client buys a package of 30 guaranteed meetings, previously scheduled by phone.The campaign presents itself as a “fishing” moment with a folded sheet calendar turned into a fish.

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in business, like in sport

Ebook brochure to promote the company's services.

Confact BPO is dedicated to outsourcing with a strong focus in conferring accounting documents. We tried to associate their image to a winning and competitive team, with sportive photos.

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enterro da gata 2012

Enterro da Gata is an academic festivity in the city of braga. It's iconic symbol is a cat. Nowadays it’s organized by AAUM, and is celebrated every year.

The poster usually brings a student life reflection / boost message, to keep fighting and carry on.

During this event, (for about one week), there are several activities. The most expected, are the music concerts, with several national / international bands and djs.

This year the cat looks like a shoe. It’s a metaphor for the Cinderella’s story, matching the chosen theme. Its also an approach to the “não faças de mim gato sapato” a popular expression that says – “Don't make me a fool”.

Revista Gata 2012


hiiibrand awards 2011

hiiibrand awards 2011 announces winners here
Professional Logo, Merit Award: Gen Design Studio (Portugal), “FADU”

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The prom: The Sameiro’s Sanctuary in Braga, Portugal is where the final year students, traditionally celebrate the academic life dismissal.


tuesdays singing night

On this 8th of May, it’s the traditional Students Night Parade, where the Tunas go out to the streets, serenading all who put the students black capes on the windows.